Friday, January 20, 2012

Picture Frames I Made

I've been making these frames for a few months now. If you are interested in purchasing them please let me know. The small square frames are $12.00

Monday, January 16, 2012

This and That

Look at the necklace I won from http://bipandbop! It was a giveaway from http://lilly's style I'm sure you've seen Lilly's blog. She has a great sense of style and fashion. I like how she gives you buying guide both high and low. I've also seen her outfit ideas on Pinterest.

This is one of the pictures I had wanted to use for our Christmas cards. I just didn't have time before my unplanned hospital stay. Aren't they cute?!

I or should I say we (my Hubby helped so much!) have been so busy getting Christmas things put away and getting the house back to normal. I finally broke down and had someone come in and clean the house for me. I've NEVER done that in all the years we've been married! Not even when I worked AND went to school. I guess, I felt like I needed to do it all and somehow, I did. It was a little difficult for me not to have control but, I was very happy with the results. I feel more relaxed knowing the house is clean. I am feeling so much better and stronger.

During my down time I had a lot of time to catch up on reading both books and blogs. I found some great blogs on both house decor and fashion. One decor blog I found is http://savvy seasons by liz

Liz has a beautiful house decorated in Tuscan style, one of my favorite styles. This is a picture of one of her kitchen cabinets. She has inspired me to make a few changes to my cabinets and around the house.

This is what I currently have over one of my cabinets. It has been like this for a while so I think it's time to change it up a bit.

I guess, like almost everyone, I have a few projects and goals I'd like to achieve in this new year. Of course, my first is to do everything I can to get and stay healthy. I am trying to eat healthier but, I'm afraid I have had a terrible sweet tooth carried over from the Holidays. This is not like me! I could always pass up dessert and sweets! So keeping them out of the house is my first plan and adding more fruits and veggies to my diet as well. As far as getting plenty of rest I have been sleeping better at night and so I don't need to nap during the day. I did take advantage of the unseasonably warm days we had and took some very nice walks. The weather has changed and we have snow on the ground and low temps. Blah! I would love to start going to the gym, even if it is to just walk on the treadmill for now. Maybe a Zumba class and yoga later :)

Many of my project ideas are for the house. The first on the list is to finish my craft room. We started working on it last year but, somehow got sidetracked. I think having all my crafting supplies in one place will be wonderful. As well as a time saver. The way it is now it takes me more time to gather materials for crafts than to complete them. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Well, like I said this post was a little of this and that. I'm excited for the new year and all the possibilities it holds.

I hope these links I've added take you to the sites intended. I'm still not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.