Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Diet and Exercise

I can't believe how long it's been since my last post. I just don't sit and take the time to write. One reason is I can't download pictures from my phone and it seems  like too much work to download from my camera and somehow, I feel like every post needs pictures. Some unwritten blog rule. Anyway, I hope to post more often.
I'm still on my gluten free diet. I've felt quiet a difference in how I feel and how my skin looks. I gained 4 1/2 pounds (much needed) at my last Dr's visit. I'm at 104 lbs! I was originally going to follow the diet for 3 weeks and then go back to a regular diet but, since I've felt a difference and am pretty much used to eating this way. I just don't know if I want to go back. One thing I've found is that gluten free food is more expensive. A loaf of bread is $5! I know! There are definitely more GF choices available these days. It seems that eating GF is pretty popular right now. I've read several articles from nutritionist that say it is not a low calorie diet. People seem to mistakenly think that because they are swapping out regular bread and pasta for GF foods they will lose weight. Not true as I said I've gained weight. I think my weight gain is due to the fact that my digestion is better and so I'm eating better and not that what I'm eating is high in calories. Another change I've made is limiting my soda to when we eat out which is not very often. We've been cooking at home a lot lately. I think we've eaten out twice since I started this diet. I've increased my water intake which has  always been a challenge for me. 
I have found several recipes on-line and recently found a blog thru Pinterest.  Here is the link  I went out and got ingredients for several recipes I haven't tried any yet. I'm excited to try them as they look delicious! 

                                                               These are some GF foods 

I'd love to add some exercise routine into my schedule. I just haven't made it back to the gym in a while. Our gym offers a Zumba class and I'd really like to try it. I'd like to get some tone and definition. Some strength training would be nice as well. Let's see how I do on the exercise.

Sorry for the awkward picture. It's my most recent and I guess I feeling especially good =)