Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Silent Night

I wanted to update my blog and let you know I'm doing well. I did have surgery last Wednesday. I got out of the hospital on Saturday afternoon. It was a cyst and Dr. Weinstein said it was benign and not related to Lymphoma. Thanks to the good Lord. We were supposed to host Christmas Eve this year. My family was going to come and have dinner and exchange gifts. Well, needless to say that didn't work out as planned. Everyone went to my Sister's house in St. Charles. John and I decided to spend a quiet night at home. John still made a slow cooked roast. Which came out juicy and delicious! He had ordered two of them earlier in the week and so he cooked one and donated the other one to a shelter for homeless veterans. My parents and some of my brothers and sisters did stop by for a few minutes to exchange gifts and visit for a little while. I was kind of sad to have missed the family get together. It is the first time we haven't been with either my family or John's. It was different but, at the same time it was what I/we needed this year. We lit a fire, watched some Christmas movies and I slept off and on. We did pretty much the same Christmas day with some football game watching added.
I'm still needing to take some pain meds. I tried yesterday to take regular Tylenol but it didn't take care of my pain so I think I'll give it another day and try again. I am feeling a little frustrated because I can't do what I want to do around the house. John has been wonderful and taking care of me but you know me and my OCD tendencies. I want things done a certain way. Clothes are all over our bedroom floor and piling up in the laundry room.UUGH! The carpets and floors need to be vacuumed (with 2 dogs they need to be vacuum every day) and moped. My wonderful Mama' would usually come and help but I said before surgery I wouldn't let her come over and clean this time. She is tired and has Arthritis and doesn't need to be cleaning our house. John went back to work this morning and when I talked to my Mama' last night she asked if I wanted her to come over. I told her I would be fine by myself. I know if she comes over she'll do too much and then not feel well. I need to be patient and let things be messy for a little while. I don't want to set my recovery back by doing too much too soon. We had talked about going away to Galena for New Years Eve. We haven't been there in a while and we keep hearing how beautiful it is during the Holidays. We haven't had any snow :) I only missed it Christmas morning otherwise, I'm fine without snow. Oh! Sorry... as I was saying Galena would probably look amazing under a blanket of pure, white snow. It has, I have heard , some great skiing. We don't ski and just wanted to have a nice, quiet and romantic New Years Eve. We decided last night we'll be staying home and reschedule our getaway when I can get around better and be able to enjoy it. Maybe there will be snow on the ground when we go :) I hate to post without any pictures so I'll show you the picture of my Grandparents (may they rest in peace) I made/ gave my brothers and sisters for Christmas. My Aunt emailed it to me earlier this year. We don't have many pictures of them for some reason. I love this picture! Como los extrano Abuelita y Abuelito.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Can Do All Things Thru Christ Our Lord

This has been my mantra for last few days. I found out Friday I will need to have surgery tomorrow Wednesday. My Doctors have found a cyst or mass on the left side of my lower abdomen. They are thinking it is on my ovary but, won't know for sure until surgery. The Doctors also think it is benign. Praise Jesus! My emotions have been all over the place! One minute I am scared to death and the next I am super mad! It is Christmas in 4 days and I am sitting here getting ready for surgery! I know this is TMI but, I am sitting here typing and drinking some awful drink for a "bowel prep". A nurse called me yesterday at about 12:30PM and told me that I could not have any more solid food until after surgery. I had chicken broth, sprite, water, Jell-o and tea for the rest of the day. I can do all things thru Christ our Lord...
I started having pain and discomfort for a few weeks, I am no stranger to ovarian cyst so I knew what it was except I could feel it getting bigger and the pain wasn't going away. I made an appointment with my OB/GYN and she sent me over to get an ultrasound "STAT" after she examined me. She told me not to leave until after she looked at ultrasound. I was scared you know my mind thought Oh no! It's back! I of course called my BF Becky to come sit with me while I waited for results. I love this girl! We have known each other for more than 20 years. She is loud and a bit crazy (aren't we all?!) but I can call her at any time day or night and she is there! She was my Maid of Honor and I was hers. Okay back to the ultrasound Well, the radiologist looked at the ultrasound and said it was fibroid. I came home feeling so grateful and praising Jesus. My happiness was a bit short lived because my Gyne called me and said she felt "something" during her exam and that I was to follow up with my GP. Long story short I did call my Dr and he scheduled a CT of my abdomen and that's where they saw the mass. I was then referred to a surgeon I can tell you I was very reluctant to go. I was hoping there was another way to treat this. I wanted my Oncologist to look at the new CT and compare it with the new one. The only problem was that the only way this was going to happen on a timely basis was to go take it to him personally. So after we left the surgeons office on Friday we decided to go to Chicago and take it to him. We also picked up a copy of Octobers CT so that the surgeon could look at and compare to the new ones. We spent all day Friday at doctors offices and hospitals! How dreary and sterile some of these building are. I told John I should start redecorating Doctors waiting rooms since I seem to spend so much time in them. HA! I'm sorry this post is such a downer and a pity party. I am trying very hard to stay positive and faithful. I have a lot to be grateful for I have a wonderful Husband who has been doing everything he can to make me feel better and to keep me company. He has been readjusting his work schedule around doctors visits and now surgery. I love you Honey! I hope I show you that every day! I have wonderful family and friends too. Please say a prayer that surgery goes well and
that recovery is nice and fast. My poor little body has been thru so much but it is all in God's plan. Though I may not understand it I know it is. I can do all things in Christ our Lord who is my Savior.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Deck the Halls

I'm taking my time in decorating for Christmas this year. Last year I wasn't feeling much like decorating. This is what I have done so far, I'm having fun and getting creative with what we have. I had originally said I wanted to decorate the tree in red but, I would have had to buy a lot so I went with what I had, silver and white. A couple of years ago I had decorated the tree in blue and silver. Oops! I hadn't noticed the extension cord over the skirt until I uploaded the pictures.

I'm still working on the mantel in the family room. I need white candle sticks and some real or natural greenery to finish.

We've had this little "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree well, John has had this tree since before we got married. I remember I wanted to get rid of it but, we didn't have room or money for anything bigger. Now, I put it in our bedroom and love it and the memories of simpler times it brings back.

John had to work late last night so I took a little break and made these ornaments. I found the plain glass ornaments at Menard's for $1.99 a box of 6. I added some old book pages I had cut into thin strips and some glitter.

I got the idea on Pinterest of course! I love how they turned out!

My Paperwhite bulbs are growing so nicely. This is the first time I grow bulbs inside :)

We bought this Nativity scene a few years ago. This is the first time I put it on this side table.

You might remember this container from my Fall decorations. I just changed out the greenery and added some silver picks I had. I'm not totally happy with it, I might add something to it still.

This is one of the Santas I have around the house.

So there you have a few decorations for this Christmas. I still have some work to do and ALL the bins are still out in the dinning room and, I hope to get to some project ideas soon.