Thursday, February 16, 2012

The GI and the Yellow Rose

I had an endoscopy this morning. That is where a Doctor takes a small camera to look down at your esophagus and stomach. I've had this test done before, it doesn't stop me from getting nervous and anxious about it. I usually go in to the city to see my GI specialist at the University but, when I called this time my Doctor said  she was comfortablel with me seeing someone close to home. So, I called my General physician and got the name of a local GI. John took me to see him on Tuesday afternoon, Yes, Valentines Day. What a way to celebrate right?! We did manage to go out for an early dinner after the appointment. Oh! I forgot to mention that my sweet Hubby didn't forget what day it was, I was in the shower getting ready for my appointment when he said he was going out for a cup of coffee. When I was ready I came downstairs to find him standing in the kitchen with this,

And all of the kitchen cabinet doors open. He said he couldn't find a vase! I swear he looked like a school boy standing there holding out that single rose. I loved it! Dinner and a single yellow rose from my Valentine made my day wonderful!  Even if included a Doctor's visit.

Well, the test I had done this morning went well. It was done in the clinic next to the Doctor's office. That was one of my concerns since, like I said , I've always had them done in a hospital. They put me slightly under, which I was greatful for, in order to do procedure. The doctor said everyhting looked pretty good but, he did take a sample in order to biopsy. I should get results in a couple of days. I came and had a light lunch and since I was still feeling a little groggy I slept for a few hours. I'm feeling pretty good right now except for a slight soar throat which they said was to be expected.  

The reason I went to see the Doctor was because I've been having some new stomach problems. I've had some issues for a few years now. I've always been careful with not eating anything too spicey or greasy. I don't eat fast food. I've taken Nexium and for a long time it helped relieve my reflux symptoms. But, for about a month I've had burning and some pain. I've changed my diet on my own trying to find some relief from these symptoms. I put myself on a gluten-free diet. I've also cut back on my carbonated drinks and dairy. I have been tested for any food allergies in the past with all results being negative, Thank God, but I would still like to see if this diet works for me. It sounds kind of drastic but let's see if it works. I've been to Whole Foods and found many gluten free choices. I'm also looking on-line for some new recepies. 


  1. I can just imagine the look on his face!! That made me chuckle to myself!!!

    I hope your new diet works out - that sounds so hard for you.

    Big hugs flying your way,

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog...always nice to hear from other illinois bloggers!!!

    i feel for you i hate those tests. i had a colonoscopy done a few years ago and, no fun. at least you were feeling the love on that day :)

    good luck on the gluten free diet, i have been tempted to try that myself.

    xxoo cindy

  3. Nothing like a pretty flower & a nice meal with your hubz! that sucks you had to go to the doctor but it sounds like its something to check into! I have never thought about gluten causing my stomach problems. I may have to read into this more. Thank you for sharing.