Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BC #2 :Spill Your Purse

I decided to jump on board for a blog challenge. Chelsea from "The Life We Love" has started with some friends. Today or rather yesterday(I'm a day behind) they shared the contents of their purses. So here it goes. I bought this purse at TJ Maxx this Spring. The weather was still feeling like Winter around here. I, on the other hand, was ready for shorts & flip flops and a Summer-y change. So, I got this beige Nine West purse.

This is what I have in my purse right now.

I wanted a fun color for my wallet. I found this coral colored one also at TJM.
I love the scent of Philosophy's pure grace lotion. A pen, I'm a bit of a germaphobe and so I hate to use someone else's pen like when I have to sign a receipt

I carry Tums and Ginger tea with me because of my stomach problems. My Sister-in-Law gave me the cute, purple note pad. I have my business card holder (Organic dog treats). Mini Altoids and Wisp fresh breath is very important to me :) A nail file that I bought in Sea World in March. Kleenex and a variety of lip glosses. John gave me the flag cross he got at his Army unit. The receipt to the seamstress fixing my dress for my Step-sons wedding in a few weeks. And there you have it. Intresting huh?! Come back tomorrow and see BC #3: My favorite things.

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