Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BC#3 My Favoirite Things

Today's post is about some of my favorite things. I love to read and I have always liked to keep the books I read. Now that I think of it; I should have taken pictures of our bookcases. Last year John bought me the Kindle for my birthday. I L O V E it! I have read several books on it. I have read a couple actual books since but, I like that if I hear of a book I'd like to read I can download it in seconds. Gotta' love today's technology! Although, I don't think I'll ever not like the feel of turning pages of a book.

One of my favorite drinks is a cold Diet Sierra Mist. This is new, a couple of years ago I would have told you how much I hate the taste of diet soda. I try to keep it to two a day : )

One thing I'm splurging on now is shampoo. Since last year I didn't need any. I am lovin' my new pixie hair style. I don't think, before I got sick ,that I would have had the nerve to cut my hair this short. As you can see I still like my Suave products.

I just learned how to make my own sugar scrub. That jar you see on the side is what I made. I think I'll make some for my Sisters very soon. I have been using Neutrogena products since I can remember.

One of my weakness is shower gels. I like to have a choice depending on my mood.

And last but not least is lip gloss. It's a sickness really lol!...I hope John doesn't read this I'll never walk out of a store with another one again.

I'm enjoying this blog challenge. I'm working on my writing and my photo editing.

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