Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fashion Trends: When Are you Too Old to Follow Them?

Okay Ladies, Here is something I've been thinking about lately, especially since Fall fashions came out this year. Here is what prompted this question. I saw this older lady(I think she was in her late 60's) at the grocery store. She was wearing black leggings with black, ridding boots with a long, asymmetrical vest. She was thin and in good shape. I mean she didn't look bad, I just think it looked a little bit off. What do you think? When are you too old to follow fashion trends? Maybe if she wasn't wearing the long vest. Do you think if you are in good shape and want to wear fashion trends you can do so at any age? Maybe adding a few fashion forward pieces is okay but not a whole outfit. If you know me at all you know I love clothes and I love keeping up

with fashion. I so don't want to be that old(er) lady trying too hard to look young. I like my age and I'll proudly tell you I'm 46. Most days I don't feel my age but, there are days I feel ALL of 46. HA!!

I've been following this blog http://Lilliy's Style She has a great sense of style and she does it without breaking the bank. She seems to know how to mix high and low pieces. I would really like to learn how to do that better.

I am so lovin' the fashions for this Fall/ Winter! I like the look of skinny jeans and leggings with boots. I also like the look of dresses and tights with boots. I have found and started following a couple of fashion blogs. I always see outfits on Pinterest that are just so cute. I like how they accessorize the outfits sometimes down to the Starbucks coffee cup!

Don't you love these outfits! I'm slowly buying some similar pieces to get these looks. What do you think about my initial question? Will you one day just know you are too old to pull off certain looks? I know that I will always care about how I look and I like looking put together. When you look good you feel good. Right?! John tells how much he liked that even when I was going through treatment and sick last year I still "dressed" I didn't just go out in whatever. So there you have it, these are my thoughts on this rainy Saturday night.

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  1. I love the look of boots with leggings/skinny jeans (although my skinny jean days are out for a while since I'm 6 months pregnant and rather rotund =). I think that as long as you're comfortable with what you're wearing, then you're never too old to follow trends =P