Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Blog Design

What do you think of my new blog look? I'm not too sure I like it. At first I changed it to pinks and Peionies flowers. Then I thought that wasn't the look I was going for. I wanted something more seriouse. Now, I have the black and I'm not too happy with it. I want something more crafty and maybe Southern somehow maybe a little country. I guess I could get a customized layout made but there are so many cute and free options. I just have to find the right look for me. Now that I learned how to do it. I'll be on the look out for the look I want. I'll leave it like this for now.
John has been working third shift this week so I've been feeling kind of lonely. He has to sleep during the day. He did get up and have dinner with me last night =) We even got to enjoy the cool night and went for our walk. It has been so nice out! I kinda' wish it would stay like this year round. It just seems like Summer is so short. I say that but then I think about it and I realize I do like the change in Seasons. Fall is so pretty! I love all the Fall colors...oranges, reds, yellows, browns. Beautiful! Decorating the house for it is fun too. I also like Fall fashion boots and sweaters. But, it feels like it was just yesterday we had freezing weather and Lakeshore Dr. was closed! Anyway, I'm off to enjoy THIS beautiful, sunny day. Happy Thursday =)

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