Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Top 10 Favorite House Things

I got the idea for this post from one of my favorite blogs right now. Joan from For the Love of a House wrote a list of "house things"she can't live without. If you haven't already you should visit her blog. She has renovated an old farm house. It is beautiful to say the least. Her collections are enviable, she has an amazing collection of hotel silver, urns and Japanese fishing floats to name a few. She has inspired me to start my own collections. She knows how to combine old and new seamlessly. Joan has antiques from Paris that she has combined with roadside finds. You would never know that by looking at one of her rooms. You have to have a true gift to be able to look at something and see its beauty and possibilities.

So, Here is my list of favorite house things. First, is my Dyson vacuum cleaner. I got it a couple of years ago for Mother's Day. I KNOW, but that is what I asked for. I have two dogs and they both have long hair and they shed... a lot. But, what am I going to do, I love my fur babies. Ha! So needless to say a good vacuum cleaner is a MUST.

I use these surface protectors under my lamps and any decor I might add to a table.

These Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are wonderful. They even worked on my leather, cream colored Summer purse that wasn't look so creamy anymore. I only have these two left so they are going on my shopping list.

I love the scent this multipurpose cleaner leaves behind and that it is biodegradable.

My Sister recommended this next product when I mentioned that I couldn't get stains out of my kitchen sink. Zud I love it! It gets stains out of sinks, tubs and showers.

I don't like to use sponges but, I have to have Handy Wipes in bathrooms and in the kitchen.

Sorry about the picture I couldn't rotate it. Ugh!

These next two things are again necessary because of my dogs. This little spot cleaner works great on carpet stains.

And, I hate walking around with dog hair on my clothes so I have these almost everywhere including the cars and my purse.

I love candle light so I have white unscented candles throughout the house. Don't get me wrong I have my share of scented candles too. But, I don't like to combine scents so I'll light one or two of the same scent and a few unscented for ambiance.

And last but not least is my step ladder. I am only 5 ft. tall and if John or the boys aren't home I can't reach almost anything in my kitchen cabinets. I should really have two of them. We've had this ladder since before we bought our first house.

What are your favorite house things?

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