Monday, October 8, 2012

Church Book Club

 If you follow me on Facebook you might have read that I found a job! Well, the truth is I found two! I'm working for a Speech Therapist (a friend and ex co-worker opened her own Speech and Language private practice) as a clerical assistant/interpreter and also at a store in the mall. I'm not too sure how long I'll be able to keep this up but, I'm sure going to give it my best. It's nice getting out of the house and having a little cash to myself ;) Both jobs are part-time which is fine with me. They are keeping me busy! My schedule still lets me go to my book club at church. Super happy about that! There are only a few of us and we are looking for ways to recruit new members to our book club. I'm the youngest in the bunch and would really like more my age group. Anyway, we still have some great conversations about the books we read. We read this book last month and still haven't met to discuss it. It is a novel but well written in my opinion. It is the story of a shoemaker named Joseph while Jesus is alive. He talks of listening to Jesus' along with his apostles and even traveling with Him on occasion. Many events are recounted even Jesus' crucifixion. I would recommend this book to anyone. It is a quick read and another view at biblical stories we all know and love.        
A Simple Act of Gratitude by John Kralik is another book we read in my church group. In this day of e-mail, texting and Facebook (I sound like an old lady don't I? LOL!) the art of writing a thank you note or a letter for that matter is almost a lost art. Have you ever read letters from soldiers and their loved ones during the Civil War? BEAUTIFUL!
 I still like to send them and receive them. I've kept several thank you cards that have meant a lot to me. This book tells of how the author at a very low point in his life challenges himself to send 365 thank you notes. He even sends a note to the young barista where he gets his morning coffee (for remembering his order) to his estranged sons. Sending these thank you notes change his life. The stories get a bit monotonous but, it does make you think of all the people in our lives we should give thanks to.        
The Red Tent is the first book we read this year. It is the story of Jacob and his sons taken from the book of Genesis. It is actually also a novel. This book gives us the women's view during that time. From what I've read about this book some facts are not accurate or can't be proven since not much is documented but, it does make for a very interesting and thought provoking read.   

So there you have a few selections to add to your reading list this Fall/Winter. Let me know if you read any of them and what you thought of them.

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