Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Decorations 2012

I didn't buy much to add to my Fall decorations. I just used what I had from past years. That's not to say I won't go out and look for a good bargain at the end of the season ;) This is the mantle this year. I kept it rather simple with a garland with some berries, faux leaves  and pine cones the only thing I bought were the votive candles. This is the second set of candles since I enjoy lighting them in the evening with a fire going while watching television. 

We found this wire basket in an antique store in Wisconsin. I love the patina it has on it =)
My brother and his wife gave me this bowl last year for my birthday. I like it just the way it is no need to add anything to it.
I was about to take this corbel ( I think that's what you call this) down. It's been in the same spot for a while but I couldn't decide where else to put it so I added some colorful Fall leaves and the brown pail and pumpkin. oops! I forgot to add a candle in the holder.  On a little side note the ivy you see there was filler in my wedding bouquet <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
I love this container because it is so easy to change out for the different seasons or my mood.
I found these white foam pumpkins last year at GW. They have a witch and a cat carved on the other side. I'm not to crazy about that side of them so I just added some raffia and placed them in this bucket.
I found this soup touraine along with the spoon for $10 at an antique store on our way home from Tennessee this Summer.
This is the side table in the Dinning room. I'd really like to find a larger sideboard for this area something with drawers for extra storage. Painted of course!
I leave you with a picture of my little fur-baby Farrah. I got her this little bed today. She had gotten sick on her last bed and I had just thrown it out. It's getting colder so she needed something to keep her nice and toasty at night.   

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