Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boots, Bonefire and Baking

I finally found some riding boots I like and FIT! They are by Etienne Aigner. I've been looking all over and tried on many pairs and none of them worked out. I've always had thin legs and I am still working on getting some muscle mass back in my calves. I was about ready to give up.

I haven't worn them yet. Weather has been very nice again. It was in the 70's today :) but it sounds like that is about to change.

Saturday night we went to my Mother-in-laws house for a bonfire. I don't think I'd been to a bonfire since HS. It was so much fun! My Sister-in-law made chili, Mexican hot chocolate and we roasted hot dogs and the kids made Sm ores' . It was a perfect night a little cold but not windy at all. This was my view most of the night.

Our god-daughter Yvette and her cousin Mia roasting some marshmallows for their Sm ores'.

Now about the baking. I don't know why I hadn't written about this yet. But this is a little something I've been working on from home. I've been making and selling Organic dog treats for about 6 months now. (I did take a break in mid June and July for Katie's bridal shower, The family reunion and the wedding. Wow! We had a very busy Summer!) I got the idea to make these dog treats from our trip to Orlando in April. We found this little store that sold organic dog food and dog treats that were decorated with frosting and sprinkles. I bought my dogs 2 cookies in the shape of Micky's face and ears. They were so cute! I took a picture of the cookies with my phone but, my phone is not letting me download anything to FB or Blogger. I've taken it in twice. Anyway, I think it's time for a new phone! Too bad I have to wait until December Ugh!!

I've been able to sell them to family members, friends and neighbors. Some of John's co-workers both at the Army Reserve Unit and his civilian job have also placed orders for the dog treats. I even sold some at a local craft show a few weeks ago. I have 3 different recipes right now. One has peanut butter and honey, another one has fresh mint leaves perfect for dogie breath and upset tummy and the third one is all veggie and has sweet potatoes and squash. I sell more of the peanut butter and honey bites then any of the others. I just found a recipe for some pumpkin treats. My Mom comes over and helps me make them. Thanks and love you Mom! My dogs are happy to do QC Ha! I plan to try out this new recipe soon. I had wanted to go out and get the ingredients today but got to doing laundry ooh! FUN!...only not so much.

This is how I've been packaging them so far. What do you think?

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