Monday, July 4, 2011

BC#6 What Would You Do With $100?

When I saw the title of today's blog challenge my first thought was to go to the antique mall and see what small treasures I could find. :) John and I enjoy getting a coffee and bagel on a Saturday morning and drive out looking for antique shops.We can spend hours just walking around an antique shop and looking at old books, furniture. We often do this when we travel. It's a nice way to bring a souvenir home without it being a key chain or t-shirt and it ending up in a drawer. We have several things we've purchased on a vacation and still remember where we got them. Sometimes I find things I gotta' have like this.

Or this table we got in a flea market in Michigan I think it was almost 100 degrees out and the table had a glass top (It broke during our move to this house) but John says that it was fun trying to get to the car. The dumb table kept slipping because his hands were so sweaty. He adds that this proves how much he loves me. Ha!

Or, I could treat my Mom to a nice lunch and an afternoon of pampering getting a mani/pedi together. Something she doesn't treat herself to often enough. This sounds like a great idea and I think I'll schedule it in time for Daniel's wedding :)

I don't want to leave this post without showing you one of our other finds. We found this chair at Goodwill for $20.00. We fell in love with it! It was covered with a worn out, hunter green, velvet fabric.

We had it reupholstered. It was my inspiration for the custom made curtains in the family room.

Another way I could spend my $100. Is going to Micheal's or Joann's Fabrics and buying supplies for my many craft ideas. All of these sound like fun! Enjoy your Summer break!

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