Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Leave Your Mark

I would have never called myself a morning person. Especially, when I worked! Ha! I used to have the hardest time getting going. I definitely needed my coffee. However, lately I have been getting up early. I like to get my cup of tea, my laptop and sit in my favorite chair or bed :) I usually stay in my pj's. Today, I got up and dressed for some reason. I'll read my favorite blogs. I look for inspiration for new project ideas. Look at what I learned how to do! Thanks to Susie Harris she gave a short tutorial on how to put your name or your blogs name on your pictures. I had wondered how to do this. It looks very professional to me. What do you think? Here are

some pictures I played around with.

I really like how they look! I'm going to keep playing with it until I find a font I like and can use for my pictures. I think I'll only use it for my project pictures. So, go visit Susie's blog to find out how to put your mark on your pictures. Have fun!

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